Credit Professionals International


 .Credit Professionals International supports our members by providing opportunities

               for networkingcareer development and community involvement

Non Members

Q. Where I can find information about meetings in my area.?
A. CPI has many Locals (click the Local Associaiton link on the right). If you do not see the area you are seeking, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Q. Am I eligible to join CPI?
A. Membership in Credit Professionals International is open to anyone employed in the credit or financial industry.

Q. What types of membership are offered in CPI?
A. CPI member types include:

  • Local Association Membership
  • Member-At-Large
  • Direct Members
  • Student Members

Q. Can I join On-Line?
A. Yes! You can fill out the information & pay online for your membership.

CPI Members

Q. How can I update or set up my Local Page?
A. You can just email the webmaster, who will be happy to set you up & train you to update your local or district page.

Q. What should be on my Local Page?
A. It is up to your local. Suggestions: Officer's contact information, Meeting Details, Pictures, or any other information you wish to promote. Look at other locals to see how their pages are structured. A couple of good examples are Las Madrugadoras, NM or Ann Arbor, Mi. Or look at any local for ideas!

Q. How do I obtain the user ID & Password, so I can get on the member's only section of the website?

A. All members are set up with a user id & password, when your dues are paid. If you forget your login or password, just click forgot login. Your id & password will be emailed to you.

Q. How do I get forms that I need to report member's information to CPI corporate office?
A. All the forms that you need can be obtained through the website on the forms page [login is required].

Q. How do I get Certified?
A. The Certification page explains it all!