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You've worked long hours in the credit industry, gone to school and provided credit education for consumers. What's your reward?

You can become a Certified Credit Professional through CPI's certification program. Credit Professionals International offers four levels of certification. You receive points based on your education level, your years of employment in the industry, your credit education efforts, continuing education and participation in credit association activities.

Levels of Certification:

  • Professional Credit Associate (PCA):
    Any combination of units from the scoring guide which total 300 points. $25 fee.
  • Professional Credit Specialist (PCS):
    Any combination of units from the scoring guide which total 500 points. $35 fee.
  • Professional Credit Executive (PCE):
    Hold position at management or exempt level on one's company, plus any combination of units from the scoring guide which total 750 points. $45 fee.
  • Master Professional Credit Executive (MPCE):
    Must have held position at management or exempt level in one's company for at least five years, plus any combination of units from the scoring guide which total 1200 points. $55 fee.
  • Lifetime Certification (FOR MEMBERS ONLY) is $100 for any level.

QUALIFICATIONS: Work Experience, College Credits & Degrees, Credit &/or Business related workshops & seminars. Participation in CPI & other Credit Associations. Units are awarded based on immediate past (5) five years.

ELIGIBILITY: Any CPI Member can apply if they have the required number of units. Retired members can qualify for PCA or PCS at any time. If required positions were held during the last 5 years of employment. Applications for PCE & MPCE will be accepted.

TIME SPAN: Certification is valid for five years and renewable upon payment of the original fee. Your original points are always retained. You may work toward the next level by submitting the additional points and paying the additional fee.

FEE: The certification fee should be submitted with the personal data forms. Refunds will be made if the forms are incomplete.

 Download the Certification Applicaton today and start on your own road to Certification!

Download the Ceritification Form that will help you organize your requirements to become certified!

If you have any questions about the Certification Program or the application process, please contact the Corporate office of Credit Professionals International:

PO Box 220714
St Louis, Mo 63122
Phone: 314-821-9393

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.